Resolution Experts, PC

Business Valuation and Valuation of Intangible Asset

Accurate determination of the value of businesses, its product lines, and/or its intangible assets, based on technical expertise and a deep understanding of industry and market data sources.

Due DiligenceResX has the qualifications, credentials, and over 30 years of experience valuing businesses and business assets. Our valuation conclusions have been used to support financial statements, resolve disputes, negotiate license agreements, and to price transactions involving businesses or intellectual property. The focus of our valuation services is to deliver accurate, easily understood, and well supported valuation conclusions. These conclusions can range from projections based on assumptions from our clients, or other parties, to forecasts based on comprehensive best practices.

Through the years, ResX has used its valuation expertise to develop values for:

  • Businesses
  • Business owner's equity
  • Shareholder's equity (majority and minority equity)
  • Business intangible assets such as: Patents, Trademarks, Trade secrets, Goodwill, Going concern value, Corporate resume and/or brand name, Customer lists

We are experts in the various standards of value that are used as a basis for a valuation conclusion:

  • Fair Market Value
  • Fair Value
  • Investment Value
  • Intrinsic or Fundamental Value
  • Going Concern Value
  • Liquidation Value
  • Book Value

Underlying each of these standards of value are sophisticated elements that require the knowledge and experience to quantify. Specifically, ResX has experience developing:

  • Sales projections and/or forecasts
  • Discount rates
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Capitalization rates
  • Discounts for lack of marketability (DLOM's)
  • Discounts for lack of control (DLOC's)
  • Personal goodwill

We are also experienced in each of the common valuation approaches accepted by the profession to prepare a conclusion regarding value:

  • Discounted future cash flow
  • Cash flow capitalization
  • Market comparisons
  • Cost to replace
  • Adjusted book value

In addition, ResX has applied advanced techniques used to develop value conclusions for intellectual property. These techniques include:

  • Reasonable royalty analysis
  • Cost of build-around and/or cost to reverse engineer
  • Marketplace head-start
  • Cost develop brand image, trademark or trade name
  • Cost to correct damage to brand image, trademark or trade name

ResX has provided valuation services to every industry, most particularly:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Entertainment