Resolution Experts, PC

Marital Dissolution

When your financial future is at stake, rely on our professionals to identify and quantify the strategic aspects of your claim.

During a divorce the Court endeavors to divide the assets of the marriage in an equitable manner. Unfortunately, the Court generally does not have the skills, or the resources, to perform the investigations, or prepare the financial analyses, needed to accomplish this goal. The Court can only adjudicate the facts it is provided. Therefore, to prevail, it is incumbent on you to uncover and present the facts to the Court. ResX, PC can help you. Specifically, our professionals can:

  1. Identify and prove whether assets should be included, or excluded, from marital property.
  2. Locate assets that may not be disclosed by the other party.
  3. Value closely held business entities.
  4. Determine the underlying tax characteristics of the assets being divided among the parties.
  5. Calculate alimony, child support, and lifestyle requirements.
  6. Prepare reports and provide the expert testimony needed to present the facts discovered during the course of our work.

Our work in the field of marital dissolution is founded on our analytical and investigative skills, and focused on the delivery of our results through clear and well supported reports and expert testimony.