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Speeches, Webinars and Publications


  • Detroit Legal News: Six Tips for Keeping the Price of Your Expert Witness Within Your Budget
  • Construction Business Owner magazine: The Most Common Types of Construction Fraud (web version) or SafeGuard Your Business (print version)
  • Construction Accounting &Taxation magazine:  Manage Budget and Minimize Risks with Construction Contract Compliance Audits
  • Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors Journal: Healthcare Construction: Prevent and Detect Common Fraud Schemes
  • The Leaderboard – Merchants Bonding Journal: Be Careful Out There: Bond Fraud and Other Dangers Lurk in a Down Economy
  • Buildings magazine: Avoiding Contractor Cost Discrepancies
  • CFMA Accounting Manual 2008: Compliance and Ethics Programs
  • CFMA Accounting Manual 2008: Monitoring, Mitigating and Investigating Construction Fraud
  • Construction Owner Magazine: An Ounce of Prevention – Identifying Payroll Fraud

Speeches and webinar:

  • Trends in Construction Company Valuation: MICPA Automotive Dealers, Construction Industry, and Controllership Conference
  • Attorney versus Expert Witness: National Association of Construction Auditors
  • Collaborative Project Delivery and the Role of the Construction Auditor: National Association of Construction Auditors
  • Litigation Case Study: MICPA Litigation/Valuation/Fraud/M&:A Conference
  • Daubert Challenges: MICPA Litigation/Valuation/Fraud/M&:A Conference
  • Contract and Lost Profit Damages: MICPA Litigation/Valuation/Fraud/M&:A Conference
  • Service and Construction Contracts Unwrapped – Demystifying Accounting Requirements and Audit Rights
  • Owner Oversight of Contractor Changes and Claims: webinar
  • Ethics and Compliance – When the Customer Uses Some (or all) Federal Funding: webinar
  • MACPA Litigation &: Valuation Conference: Panel Discussion – Common Confrontations
  • Planning and Managing M&:A Due Diligence Investigations: webinar
  • CONEXPO 2011: Ethics and Compliance – Make it Pay
  • Financial Oversight of Foreign Construction Projects: webinar
  • Construction Project Risk Mitigation and Management: webinar
  • MACPA Litigation/Valuation Regional Conference: Avoiding a Daubert Challenge
  • CFMA annual conference: Preparing for the Owner's Contract Audit
  • Top Ten Reasons for Construction Project Budget Disasters: webinar
  • Construction Project Close Out: webinar
  • Construction Terms for Controlling Billing Fraud: webinar
  • CFMA/AGC Annual Conference: Is There Fraud Being Committed in Your Construction Company
  • MNCPA Regional Conference: False Claims Act
  • MNCPA Regional Conference: Mitigating Fraud