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Forensic Accounting and Expert Testimony (Litigation Services)Forensic Accounting and Expert Testimony ("Litigation Services")

Pricing and proving damages with superior technical knowledge, industry experience, documentation skills, and communication skills.

Our Litigation Services practice focuses on quantifying and proving damages. We understand the accepted methodologies for quantifying damages and we understand how to quickly identify the facts needed to perform a robust damage analysis. Finally, and most importantly, we understand how to explain our damage analysis in a manner that is both accurate and easily understood.

Our Forensic Accounting and Expert Testimony services generally involve parties that are engaged in a dispute or anticipating a potential dispute. These parties can be either a plaintiff/claimant or defendant/respondent, and the dispute can be adjudicated in court, arbitration, negotiation, or some alternate dispute resolution forum. We understand the dispute resolution process and have the forensic accounting skills to quantify damages that support services are founded on:

  • Experience providing expert testimony and responding to cross examination.
  • Deep understanding of the theories and practices in finance and accounting.

Experience providing expert testimony has given us the ability to prepare expert reports that are robust, accurate, explainable, and defendable. We understand the technical theories, the sources of information, and how to present our methodologies and conclusions in the simplest possible terms.

Our litigation service experience includes, but is not limited to, testimony on the following topics:

  1. Lost Profits
    1. Breach of contract
    2. Business interruption
    3. Contract termination
  2. Damage to intellectual property and intangible assets
    1. Misappropriation of trade secrets
    2. Patent infringement
    3. Trademark infringement
  3. Construction claims
    1. Contract compliance
    2. Delay / acceleration
    3. Disruption and lost productivity
    4. Changes in conditions and/or scope
  4. Lost wages:
    1. Due to termination of employment
    2. Due to personal injury