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Construction Risk Assessment

Construction Risk Assessment

Identify and mitigate the risks your construction project faces quickly, for an affordable fixed price.

Answer Senior Financial Management's most important questions

Answer Senior Financial Management's most important questions

  • Will the construction project (the "Project") be completed on-time and on-budget?
  • Has cost escalation forced a reduction in the scope of the Project's revenue generating capacity?
  • Will the Project meet its return on investment ("ROI") goal?
  • How will we monitor and mitigate potential risk to the Project's ROI goals?
  • What are our options if the Project faces delays or cost overruns?

Establish an early warning capability

Reduce Risk

  • Perform a Project risk assessment early, ideally during the Project's feasibility phase, master planning phase, or pre-construction phase.
  • Implement the needed monitoring protocols that will mitigate the impact of problems before they become unmanageable.
  • Identify red-flags, respond immediately, and maximize the Project's chances for success.

Test controls and mitigate weaknesses


  • Identify control risks.
  • Identify control failures.
  • Identify internal control improvement opportunities.
  • Specify risk monitoring and mitigation procedures that protect return on investment (ROI).

Benefits for the healthcare enterprise

Risk Assessment

  • Identify risks to the Project cost, schedule, and return on investment (ROI).
  • Identify risks that can be eliminated immediately by either contract, insurance, or control improvement.
  • Obtain solutions for monitoring and mitigating risk during the remainder of the Project.
  • Improve response time by monitoring the leading indicators of developing problems.
  • Establish contingency plans for potential Project setbacks.

New problems due to Covid-19



  • Before Covid-19, 80% of all projects cost more than planned and 20% were delivered late.
  • Covid-19 has introduced significant new risks to construction project return on investment (ROI).
  • Covid-19 has taken capacity from project management to respond to emerging problems.
  • A risk assessment gives senior management a clear view into the Project's current operational risks.

Why rely on ResX, P.C.


  • Experienced-ResX has audited and/or monitored over $6.0 billion dollars of construction projects.
  • Responsive-We answer most calls and emails the same day, and all calls and emails within 24 hours.
  • Impactful-Our clients gain peace of mind and save money on the cost of construction.
  • Cost effective- Due to our deep experience, we work very efficiently and offer our risk assessment services

on a low fixed-price or guaranteed-maximum-price basis.

Benefit from our expertise

Benefit from Experience

  • Schedule a no cost / no obligation, one hour conference with us:
    • Understand the leading indicators of a construction project's financial success.
    • Understand the questions you need to know to challenge your Project's line management.
  • Engage ResX, P.C. to perform a risk assessment for an affordable fixed price:
    • Designed specifically to address the concerns of Senior Financial Management.
    • Delivering the tools financial management needs to effectively oversee complex construction.